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Benefits of Purchase

Attend multiple shows in the UK throughout the year? Then there’s clear financial advantage in purchasing your own exhibition stand.

Contrary to popular opinion, purchasing an exhibition stand does not lock you into one layout for an entire year’s events. By choosing our modular system, you are able to re-use, re-configure and re-brand to give your company a fresh look at each exhibition.

Going modular means your exhibition stand is more eco-friendly than custom-built alternatives.  Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to trust brands that adopt responsible and sustainable practices; being environmentally friendly with your stand build is a great way to start.

Starter Kits

Designed for multi-event exhibitors, our Starter Kits offer companies an opportunity to expand their presence at shows while reducing ongoing design and build costs.

The range includes three kits of different sizes, each of which offers enough components to create five unique stand configurations.

Our creative design team can help you develop these stands even further with the addition of interactive features. 


Kit purchase costs from £7,500 +VAT



The Phoenix Partnership

Case Study

At the beginning of 2016, The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) asked us to create a custom modular stand to use across their programme of events.

The modular system we proposed was beMatrix and the custom look of the designs, combined with the benefits of purchasing a stock of modular system, proved a winning formula.

Challenge JAMES

Project Director James Dunman has more than 20 years experience in the exhibition industry, managing the company's growth and evolution to become the leading modular exhibition stand provider it is today.

His positive 'can-do' attitude inspires the Stand Design & Build team to push the boundaries of modular design, creating engaging spaces for our high-profile clients across the UK.

He believes system build is the responsible choice, encouraging clients to 'Re-use, Re-brand & Re-configure' for maximum impact and environmental benefit.

Challenge James to innovatively create your next modular stand!