Hiscox Insurance at BIBA

Winners Again!
We are very proud that for the 2nd time in 3 years we have won an award for the Hiscox stand at their industry show.

Working alongside the agency VCCP we produced a stand with loads of impact and one big challenge… the 4m back wall with 3D lettering, lockable plinths, furniture and interactive features were relatively straight forward but suspending a grand piano above the stand was the challenging but very exciting part of the project.

“it took many hours of planning and negotiations to arrange the hanging of the piano but it was well worth it – it looked great”
Harry, Project Manager

“thanks for all your help & good work on the BIBA Stand, as we wouldn’t have won the award without your good workmanship on the stand either.  I really appreciated your attention to detail in helping bring our creative ideas to life with us, it makes all the difference to the end output & how everything is perceived”


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