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It's all academic as we share our recommendations for top London venues London is recognised as a hub for events professionals and academics alike, so it stands to reason that it also hosts some of the best academic venues in the UK. With everyone planning their 2018...

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Illustrations © Drawnalism Ltd Photos © WN Bishop   Over the years our very popular grey display boards have enjoyed multiple uses ranging from exam booths to medical poster displays and media walls; their versatility is astounding. So, when the team at Granicus...

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Room for more kit as Exhibition Services expands... As a result of continued growth, Exhibition Services has just leased an additional dedicated stand build warehouse in Wandsworth, London. We are on the original site of the iconic Airfix factory where from 1939-1981...

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Image credit: beMatrix At exhibition halls around the country we have witnessed a huge growth in LED technology, with competitors vying to get their products on the market. beMatrix is just one of many innovators launching new products. Its award-winning LEDskin®...

Cheap Phentermine 37.5 Mg

Euroshop has become a constant fixture in our diaries as we seek the latest in design inspiration to incorporate into our exhibition stands. This year the hottest trends were 'digitization' and 'emotionalization' of the sales experience. A huge investment in LED...

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