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Illustrations © Drawnalism Ltd

Photos © WN Bishop


Over the years our very popular grey display boards have enjoyed multiple uses ranging from exam booths to medical poster displays and media walls; their versatility is astounding. So, when the team at Granicus approached us looking for a cost-effective way to display the work of their in-event guest artist, we knew we could offer the perfect solution.

Granicus was looking for a portable back wall to display sketches created throughout their annual Public-Sector Communications Conference. Using a simple panel and pole system, they were able to assemble the boards themselves before the event, offering artist Matthew Buck from Drawnalism LTD a blank canvas to display his work.

Marketing Strategist, Emma Howard spoke to us about their use of an in-event artist:

The works of art help people digest the big issues and content presented, giving the audience space to discuss new ideas and sector challenges with the help of these artistic visual memos. We believe having the artwork on display during networking breaks can help: embed the knowledge/learning of the day, prompt deeper consideration of the themes and from different points of view, and create a meeting point for further collaboration.”

We were very pleased we could help Granicus provide a novel and entertaining engagement tool at their Conference.

Should you require a modular solution to display imagery at your next event, contact one of our projects team today.