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This month we’re celebrating a really special anniversary, as its 30 years since Julie Finch joined the company on 4th December 1987.  Since then she has experienced a lot of change and innovation in the business, growing from just 3 staff to the 14+ team we have today.

When John Dunman, Exhibition Services Founder, first invited Julie to join him in the exhibition industry, little did she know that those small beginnings, in a largely book-keeping and admin role, would one day lead to her being Managing Director of such a forward-thinking company and talented team.

Back then, it was a very different business with hands-on selling, rather than installing, and without the benefits of technology (which hadn’t really hit the workplace in the way it has today). Julie’s first impressions were that she really liked the industry and, as new opportunities came along, she learnt a lot about the ethos that still remains core to the business. It was, and is, a fast-moving industry and the beauty of working for a small company back then was that she got to experience every aspect of it.

So what does Julie love above her MD role today?

Key to Julie’s management style is giving opportunity to team members; she wants staff to not only grow in their roles and enjoy their working lives but also to have a great life outside the workplace. She says: “Our business is only as good as our staff. I try not to over-direct but hope people will follow my lead, living up to the ethos that has been engrained in me for the past thirty years. It’s a winning formula and I’m looking forward to the future more than ever”.

Looking to the future

The exhibitions industry is constantly evolving and Julie ensures the business is well placed to invest in people, equipment and facilities so that it can meet the challenges. It has been a key achievement growing into a second stand build unit in 2017 and she hopes this will cement the many long-term relationships we have with clients who are growing along with us.