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Working in the events industry means we are no strangers to stress. A recent survey by Career Cast placed events coordinator as the fifth most stressful job, following only military personnel, fire fighter, airline pilot and police officers.

Tight deadlines, high workloads and unrealistic expectations can all cause misery in an otherwise unique and engaging industry. The impact of stress cannot be under-estimated on events staff as it not only damages individuals health but can also cost billions of pounds.

This is why the ESSA Future Focus Board is now working in conjunction with Stress Matters to run Wellbeing Workshops focussed on providing insight, education, and real-world examples of ways to combat stress and recognise it’s symptoms.

Jess Corbett, chair of the Future Focus Board explained, saying, “This is a response to research amongst ESSA members conducted by the ESSA Future Focus Board in 2019, each one is a full day course with great content and the opportunity to engage with other ESSA members.”

Managing Director Julie Finch and Operations Manager Emily Stewart joined other industry professionals in taking part in the first of these workshops at the QEII, London. Through engaging tasks they were not only challenged to identify their own stressors but also how as a company we can prevent mental health problems before they begin.

It proved a fascinating insight, not only for them to be able to discuss how different positions within Exhibition Services feel stressed but also to talk through with others how they adapt to the demands placed on us all.

There was certainly a lot to talk about and share with the office. Throughout 2020 we will definitely be working to raise Mental Health Awareness amongst our team.


**Figures from Stress Matters