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January 2020 marks an incredible milestone with Exhibition Services’ 40th Birthday!

Things have changed a little bit since our founder, John Dunman, first started the company. The most obvious change of course is the technology we take for granted today. This has enabled us to take on more projects, create innovative designs and meet shorter deadlines. Thankfully, the team no longer has to rely on typewriters; while design software, email and sophisticated file sharing systems mean no more trips to the Post Office with hand-drawn project files for the client.

As a company we’ve also witnessed huge changes within the event industry in the last four decades. While new regulations have kept us safe on site; we’ve also enjoyed the increased use of environmentally friendly modular exhibition systems such as beMatrix. One of the biggest challenges for the next 10 years is for the industry to become more sustainable and we intend to be at the forefront of this change by investing in new materials and processes.

When asked what drives the success of Exhibition Services, Managing Director Julie Finch says: “We can only ever be as good as our team”. Although our number of full-time staff members has grown over the years, Exhibition Services remains a small team. Indeed, the majority of our team has no recollection of the 1980’s at all, as we continue to invest in young, new talent to the event industry.

We’re very proud to have been working alongside so many loyal clients and suppliers during our journey as a company so far and look forward to celebrating this major milestone with them throughout 2020.