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Scaling new heights at work and play

Phentermine Cheap Price

Following a record start to the year at Exhibition Services, the entire company took time out this summer for a day of well-deserved R&R… after a fashion. Teamwork is at the core of everything the business does, so it seemed fitting to take on a team...
Recommended Venues | Roehampton

Cheap Phentermine Uk

  Introducing Elm Grove Conference Centre In 2017 Roehampton Venues opened its new purpose-built conference centre. Located in South-West London on the edge of Richmond Park, Elm Grove Conference Centre joins the location’s existing summer venues to...
Julie Finch : Celebrating 30 years

Phentermine 50 Mg Online

This month we’re celebrating a really special anniversary, as its 30 years since Julie Finch joined the company on 4th December 1987.  Since then she has experienced a lot of change and innovation in the business, growing from just 3 staff to the 14+ team we have...